Black Voices Matter…

Greetings everyone and welcome back to Embrace Everyone… without a doubt, we are at a unique place in time….

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, enormous protests against racism and other forms of oppression have been taking place in many countries since the killing of George Floyd on May 25th.  The protests have started to shake some of the foundations of many societies and, although we are yet to know whether this will lead to meaningful and lasting change, it is our hope that so many people saying “enough” and rallying under the call of “Black Lives Matter” is part of the transformation to a more equitable and just future.

We are dedicating this post to the voices of various Black writers and artists who have been sharing perspectives on the current situation and many others.

We start with Trevor Noah, who has always been a great commentator and analyst on issues of race and racism as well as being a brilliant comedian, of course.  He has commented on many aspects of the Racism pandemic for many years and his recent clips include many exceptional interviews with key figures, such as Kimberly Jones here, John Legend here LL Cool J here and Alicia Keys here.  An older clip here breaks down the issues of Reparations and White Privilege.

Trevor Noah’s autobiographical book, “Born a Crime” was published in 2016 and is highly recommended.  Alternatively, you could also dedicate some time to listening to the audio version, in which he reads the whole book on you tube, that can be accessed here.

In UK, the Guardian has noted a unique moment for Black writers, as Candice Carty Williams won the prize book of the year for ‘Queenie‘ and Bernadine Evaristo won author of the year at the recent British Book Awards.  Please read the article here

Girl, Woman, Other

You can also listen to a short interview with Bernadine Evaristo here where she discusses her Booker Prize-winning book, ‘Girl, Woman, Other‘, Black Lives Matter, racism, the importance of reading and creating change.  Please also take a look at her official website here.

We would also like to refer you back to our earlier post called “De-Colonising our Minds” and the embedded reading list of the same name here.

Next up is a collection below of Trevor Noah interviews called “10 Black Authors to Read.”

Manuel Wachter, a diversity and inclusion consultant who is the founder and CEO of Equal Plus, shares his perspectives in a thought-provoking piece called “What now for Black people at work? A view from Europe.”

Read also an article called “A Movement not a Moment” by Mary-Frances Winters, Founder and CEO of The Winters Group and Founder of Inclusion Allies Coalition.

Writing for Al-Jazeera, Michelle Chikaonda describes some of the personal impacts of racism in her article entitled “Anti-Blackness is everywhere

Joel A. Brown, who works in management consulting and coaching as Chief Visionary Officer at Pneumos, has written a series of powerful and personal responses to recent events.  Please click on the following articles to access them:

Finally, back to Trevor Noah and below is a great piece to watch called “10 Black People Making History.”


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