Buhari should publicly apologise to his wife and Nigeria

Continuing the theme from the last post, here is an important statement from the Nigeria Feminist Forum in response to the recent comments from President Buhari stating that his wife Aisha “belongs to my kitchen”.  See the article here:


Check http://www.pambazuka.org for more progressive pan-African voices


One thought on “Buhari should publicly apologise to his wife and Nigeria

  1. Hi. i have read the article about Mr. Buhari. I find it very interesting. Because of late i have been viewing various articles about the place of women on politics.On my opinion, i think that Mr. Buhari is viewing women on the cultural aspect. Me as a woman and many women so far, we can view it as degrading the female gender. but lets look at his side of view. Lets look at how the society view the female gender. then this will take us to the question, What is the Nigerian government doing to improve the gender Quotas in their constitution? Can they try to emulate the Gender quotas of Kenya( the 1/3 rule)? Which is seeming to work. Do we see positive improvement of women in politics? Taking a scenario of Rwanda which has embraced women empowerment in Africa, we are sure that women involvement in politics which is a male duty(as perceived by the society) can work in African states effectively. On my opinion its the society, which should change this perception of the women place as the kitchen and the other room as perceived Mr.Buhari. you should check on the above article. Received from jentichochy@gmail.com


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